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Ships at a distance have every man’s wish on board.
―Zora Neale Hurston, Their Eyes Were Watching God

Writing may require solitude, but a helping hand can make the journey better.

…writing [my book] would have been far more difficult and less enjoyable without the expert assistance of my writing coach…She pushed me to dig deeply into the recesses of my soul in writing about the relentless effects of racism, bigotry, and discrimination I experienced while growing up in the Arkansas Delta during America’s apartheid era.
Charlie Nelms

Not only is she exceptionally adept in written and interpersonal communication, Nadine Pinede is unusual in possessing skills needed at both ends of a project: conceptualization and execution. […]
―Jane Harlan-Simmons (Indiana Institute on Disability and Community)

We were getting ready to re-deploy our website. We sent it along to Nadine to take a look. She provided a half-dozen very insightful, helpful and easy to make edits that dramatically improved the website from both a visual and content perspective. […]
―Steve Reichard (Consultant)

Nadine did a terrific job writing a nonfiction, high-school–level manuscript that I edited. She tackled a difficult, complex topic in a way that made it clear and comprehensible for the audience, was receptive to feedback, and made smart revisions based on our back-and-forth on the manuscript. I would highly recommend Nadine for freelance writing projects.
―Arnold Ringstad (Assistant Managing Editor, Nonfiction at Red Line Editorial)

Photo by Abby Sesselberg